We invite you to Rome to give our gift to Pope Francis

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Our mission
is to restore
the hope of recovery
to a sick child 

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We believe that the action that an institution like Infantis Sanum performs, deserves our admiration and respect

Ennio Cufino
Deputy Representative for Colombia
and Venezuela 
August 23 , 2003 

Support us in our work of giving him a Musical Video to back it up in its causes with sick children The campaign consists of you registering for a one (USD 1)  in our Online Golf Tournament "Rueda La Rueda", and invite 10 more people to do the same , send it them the flyer of the bottom of this page. You will receive USD 5.000 if the winner is someone you have invited.

Do not worry , you do not have to be a golfer, just have a spirit of solidarity because a child will play for you. Same as on an Xbox, Playstation or Wii but on a website on the internet and with a prize of USD 5.000 if you are the winner . 

Upon meeting our goal of 1.000.000 players , we will give USD 5.000 to each of the first five (5) volunteers who meet these requirements:

1-. That they have registered at the Tournament .

2-. That they have registered the largest number of effective volunteers to the campaign. 

The volunteer who has registered the largest number of effective volunteers , will be able to travel with us with all the expenses paid, to deliver the gift to Pope Francis in the Vatican. For that reason you must follow us in Twitter to be updated with our news . It is the only way we can contact you .

The payment of the registration  is found below .

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If you want your child to be one of those children who will play representing the players of the Tournament, you must get 50 people to register. You will also receive USD 5.000 if the winner is one of the people you have invited. In the case of being the winner representing the winner of the Tournament, you will receive USD 50.000 and you will be able to go to Rome with your son to give him the gift personally. Write us at contacto@infantis.org with your name and that of the 50 people you manage to register, to be registered as a player or "caddy". This way you can follow the game instructions found below in the form. It's like playing XBox, Playstation or Wii but on a web page on the internet. You should also register with the Golf volunteer group on Facebook to keep you informed.

If your child play the Tournament , you can win USD 50.000 

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