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Our mission
is to restore
the hope of recovery
to a sick child 

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We believe that the action that an institution like Infantis Sanum performs, deserves our admiration and respect

Ennio Cufino
Deputy Representative for Colombia
and Venezuela 
August 23 , 2003 

We need your support to get more travelers to buy the insurance, sending them the following flyer. We invite you to follow us on Facebook to keep you informed of the date of the tournament and the name of the winner. If this is a person that you have invited, you will also earn USD 1.000. 

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Travel Medical Insurance 

Thanks to your purchase we will donate USD 250.000 to the fight against cancer through the research. This disease is one of the main causes of mortality and every year 300,000 new cases are diagnosed among children .

Automatically you will be enrolled in our Golf Tournament online, "Spin The Wheel", with a prize of USD 1.000 to the winner. Do not worry, you do not have to be a golfer or like video games, just have SPIRIT SOLIDARITY since a child will PLAY FOR YOU . It's like playing XBox, Playstation or Wii but on a web page on the internet..

Our thanks to You

When you travel , acquire it with us , because is our financing method to be self-sustaining by providing a service without askin,g for donations .

From the following banner  you can buy the insurance for people who make trips of five (5) days or more with a coverage of UDS 2.000.000 in case of accident or illness and at a cost of USD 30 .