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Kids only just ask for more time to Life to continue fighting . "Spin The Wheel"

While fighting to find a cure for cancer , many children can not access treatment for this disease because they do not have the financial resources . You know how valuable is the opportunity to receive treatment on time ( the difference between living or dying ) The ideal is to fight it and eliminate it .

The first part of the campaign is to help us to build the 300.000 volunteers network, sending the promotional flyer # 1 that is located in the lower area of the page, to all known persons that you consider appropiate .

The second part is that the members of the network within eight days of joining tha campaign , register ten (10) known people, for a USD 1 each, in our Internet Golf Tournament "Rueda La Rueda" Do not worry, they do not have to be golfers, just have a spirit of solidarity towards life because a child will play representing them. As in an Xbox, Playstation or Wii but on a web page on the Internet and with a prize of USD 10.000 to the winner and USD 25.000 to the Foundation for Children with cancer that the winner chooses. The Tournament flyer # 2 is also located in the lower area of the page.

So we can give USD 250.000 to an institution dedicated to cancer research  and USD 100.000 to a Foundation for Children with cancer, across the country . 

Remember that they are only waiting for You and the Life to give them the time they need so that they do not end up and should be motivation enough to help , but we need the campaign to be a success as soon as possible and that is why we want to encourage you with USD 25.000 , if you are the person who links the greatest number of effective volunteers, that means that they register those ten (10) people to the Tournament and with another USD 25.000 if the winner of the Tournament is a person you have registered .

Register as a volunteer to be updated with the campaign. 

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Our mission
is to restore
the hope of recovery
to a sick child 

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We believe that the action that an institution like Infantis Sanum performs, deserves our admiration and respect

Ennio Cufino
Deputy Representative for Colombia
and Venezuela

August 23 , 2003

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