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Your makeup can not create the beauty you already have it , but it can help to rebuild the face of many burned children in your country , by buyin us a skin care product .

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Our mission
is to restore
the hope of recovery
to a sick child 

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We believe that the action that an institution like Infantis Sanum performs, deserves our admiration and respect

Ennio Cufino
Deputy Representative for Colombia
and Venezuela 
August 23 , 2003 

It is not a donation. The campaign consists of acquiring today with us and for once , only one (1) product for the care of your skin , nothing different from what you already do regularly . Invite ten ( 10 ) more people to do the same by sending them the flyer that appears at the bottom of this page , so we will allocate a percentage to the cause .

We invite you to register for our campaign to keep you informed of it 

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Select your flag and buy right now so that the flame continues to burn , with the hope of recovery ...